Racing for a Cause with Bucks County Dragon Boats

by Beth Hauptle, published in RADIUS [ART. MUSIC.LIFE.] Magazine.

“All boats ready! Attention!” cries the starter. A hush falls over the crowd. Suddenly, the horn sounds, the crowd cheers, and the colorful dragon boats lunge forward, paddles splashing feverishly on the glistening lake. The teams row in perfect unison to the beat of the onboard drum.

Gwen Coverdale of Doylestown loves the thrill of dragon boat racing. “It is exciting being on the water, slogging it out with my teammates,” she said. “I love the quick distances—typically 200 or 500 meters—and the burst of adrenaline that creeps in at the start and carries you through the body of each race. And winning is, of course, just awesome.”

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