Alex Damevski: Seeing Things from a Different Perspective by Beth Hauptle for Radius Magazine

Alex Damevski has been enamored of photography since he was a young boy. He remembers playing with his father’s cameras and pretending to take photographs. Today, he is one of the fortunate among us who is able to pursue his passions and travel two parallel paths: he is both a professional photographer and an accomplished dentist, practicing in Plymouth Meeting, Pa. One of his earliest memories is of sitting around his family’s apartment on a Sunday afternoon, waiting for his father, Kiril Damevski, to make his monthly call from the U.S., where he moved in 1967, a year before the rest of the family emigrated.“Quiet, it’s America calling!” his mother would say.

“Holy moly, the entire country is calling?” Damevski remembers thinking.

At the time, young Alex was living in Bietola, Yugoslavia, now Macedonia,with his mother and brother. His father had moved to Syracuse, N.Y., to live with a cousin as he prepared for admission to a U.S. medical school. The family arrived a year later in 1968, lived in Syracuse until 1970, and then moved to Rochester, N.Y.

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